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» Universal Data Quality

Companies are discovering that data-quality issues have a significant impact in the way they rely on and use information within their most strategic business initiatives, often holding them back from achieving the growth, agility and competitiveness that they desire.

 White Papers - Technology

» Get Clean, Stay Clean
This Whitepaper provides a framework for understanding the business impact of improving data quality and your options for achieving it.

» The Netrics Difference Trilogy
One paper provides an overview of the unique approach embodied in the Netrics Matching Platform™. Two companion papers provide an overview of recognizing similarity at the record and field levels.

 White Papers - Solutions

» Netrics for Government
Netrics Enables More Efficient and Responsive eGovernment Services. Government agencies are continually being challenged to do more with less.Agencies must not only improve efficiency, but also develop business processes that are more responsive to citizens and other stakeholders. Increasingly, agencies need to exchange information across traditional institutional boundaries, in order to eliminate duplication of effort, streamline paperwork, and increase effectiveness.

» Netrics for Healthcare
Medical records are particularly tough -- in part because of the challenging environment in which they're recorded, and in part because the consequences of errors can be, literally, life and death. In this white paper we'd like to address two related questions: (1) Why are medical records so challenging? And (2) How can Netrics data matching software improve EMPI performance?

» Netrics for Public Health and Human Services
Netrics Enables More Efficient and Accurate Service Delivery. Accurate data is the life-blood of Public Health and Human Service agencies. Whether the need is to reduce the rate of obesity, to improve neo- and post-natal healthcare, monitor infectious diseases, or identify cancer hot-spots, the well-being of millions of people depends on the completeness and accuracy of the data you collect and manage.

» Find - Core Capability
Explains how the Netrics Matching Platform™ finds what you're looking for even when there are problems or inconsistencies in the data, or in the way you frame your request.

» Clean - Core Capability
Explains how the Netrics Matching Platform™ eliminates existing duplicates and other problems from your data, prevents duplicates from recurring, and plugs into your existing systems infrastructure.

» Link - Core Capability
Explains how the Netrics Matching Platform™ can accurately and automatically link inconsistent content.

» Getting the Most from MDM
Explains how the Netrics Matching Platform™ provides accurate data matching, enabling MDM to work better.

» Achieving Claims Excellence with Netrics
Explains how the Netrics Matching Platform™ provides the ability to find the right data, easily integrate with your existing systems and maximize return on investment for this critical business and government agency function.

 Health Care Solutions

» Hospital Cuts New Duplicate Patient Records Over 95%
Better ability to find the right patient record, despite dirty data and incomplete patient demographic information, helps this hospital reduce the creation rate for new duplicate patient records by over 95%. Nightly analysis of potential new duplicates catches the rest.

» Enabling EHR - A Prerequisite for Success
Explains how advanced data matching technology is a prerequisite for success.

 Product Datasheets

» Netrics Matching Engine
The Netrics Matching Engine, a component of the Netrics Matching Platform™.

» Netrics Decision Engine
The Netrics Decision Engine, is component of the Netrics Matching Platform™. It delivers error tolerant data matching that is fast, accurate, and scalable.

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